Promoted the Japanese cuisine

Japan has the traditional dish known as Washoku which is made of rice enjoyed with the Miso soup. Tokyo has been on the top of food game with Edomae-zushi, which is rice with vinegar covered fish.

Kyoto has mouth-watering Kaiseki- ryori which is the feast for the eyes consist of seasonal delicacies. The Osaka nourishes with Takoyaki; Japan’s main Northern Island of Hakodate has Jingisuak. Nagoya has Unagi, delicacies in Washoku repertoire.

Matsumoto has Saba noodles, Takayam has appealing Sansai ryori, Fukoku welcomes everyone by Fugu, Takamatsu has the peculiar dish of Sanuki udon, and Okinawa had Ryuku-ryori, pig parts are eaten here.